Gallery of Woodturning

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Alan Ardern Traction Engine
Cup & saucer
Square edged bowl in Olive
Dave Atkinson Vase in Yew
Square edged bowl in Camphor burr
Horse Chestnut burr Platter
Heather Bagnall Assorted Bells
Australian burr bowl
Top hat in Cherry
John Barnes Barley Twist Candlesticks
Walnut Platter with Lace Inlay
Masur burr dish
Geoff Heath Hollow Vessel in Apple
Christmas Tree decorations
Collection of Assorted turnings
Derek Horner Dodecahedron Spiked Sphere in Teak & Cherry
4 Bowls from one piece of Laburnum
Lidded Bowl in Sycamore
Frank Patterson Bowl in Spalted Sycamore
3 Goblets
Bowl of Fruit
Eric Peters Box in Laburnum
Bowl in Oak
Bowl in Apple
John Russell Candle Holders in Yew
Gavel and Stand
Mushroom in Banksia Nut and Yew